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sometimes, out of nowhere, I get a whole mess of harry potter feelings that make me sad, but also extremely happy at the same time and I want to just read and watch them all again.

Jul 1 2:19
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You guys are the fucking best. I don’t even think I’ve hugged my own FAMILY the way I’ve hugged people out there today. 

Jun 30 22:57 ( 2642 )

"I believe in Grant Ward" master post


A few time ago, some people were saying that we needed to have file with all the “Why Grant Ward is redeemable?” posts, so when haters post something or send a message bashing Ward, we would have an easy way to answer them, without having to repeat the same things over and…

Jun 17 21:21 ( 203 )

Have we seen the end of SkyeWard?

Jun 5 20:59 ( 971 )


listen // “i am not a good man, skye.”

blindness; a skyeward mix  // 1. human,* christina perry | 2. only one, alex band | 3. landfill, daughter | 4. cruel one*, alex band ft. emmy rossum | 5. dreams, bastille | 6. love is blindness, jack white | 7. no one here’s to sleep, naughty boy ft. bastille | 8. nothing left to say, imagine dragons | 9. sweet dreams, emily browning | 10. say something, alex & sierra cover 

May 10 0:25 ( 139 )
   I feel like this fandom is glorifying Ward's feelings for Skye as his redemption and expecting her to save him and that honestly kinda disturbs me (as a diehard skyeward shipper). You seem like the leader of the sane, gurl.


Redemption is a funny word.  As one of my favorite protagonists, John Marston once said, “People don’t forget. Nothing gets forgiven.”

Now, you may ask yourself, Rachel, why are you quoting John Marston?

Because you used the word redemption.  And the only kind of redemption I care about is Red Dead.

So let’s talk about that quote.  Let’s talk about the idea of forgiveness. About forgetting.  When Marston says this, it is with the acute awareness that he cannot forgive himself.  He can’t forget the things he’s done, the people he’s killed.  And that’s the thing about John Marston: he acts as though there is some kind of pretense to what he used to do.  He speaks of it like it was a noble cause.  But he knows in his heart that it wasn’t. He recognizes his own selfishness, and that’s why he’s trying so hard now to be good and unselfish.

Because to redeem is “compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).”  So Ward understands that the things he’s done are bad.  He might dress it up with pretense, he might not.  He might not try to excuse it at all.  He might accept this dark part of himself, and hate it.  And he hopes that Skye, this light, can compensate for some of his darkness.  That through her love, his misdeeds can be forgiven and forgotten.

But that’s not how life works.  You wear your deeds like a scar.  In Red Dead Redemption, Marston has scars on his cheek.  In Agents of SHIELD, Simmons tells Ward that the mark on his cheek might scar.  This is a huge marker for Ward’s character, because it says “here is a very visible reminder of who you were.  Of what you’ve done.  Right here, where everyone can see it.”

For Ward to come to terms with himself, he must make an active effort to be unselfish and good.  And I don’t doubt he will.  And being good now will not undo the bad of the past.  The scar will stay.  Nothing ever gets forgiven, not really.  But to give up trying would be to accept being bad. To try, to forge a forward path for oneself, to take a look at the selfish misdeeds and realize you have a higher calling: that is heart.  That is soul. That is redemption.

May 10 0:24 ( 29 )


AU where your OTP isn’t sad

May 7 19:18 ( 22069 )


MERLIN Graphic Battle: louloubelly vs. jessieflower
↳ Round 4: textures | 3 piece any size

May 7 17:04 ( 587 )
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It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. 

May 7 17:04 ( 3018 )
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I keep seeing avengers business cards and they’re all beautiful but come on guys, we all know what tony’s card would be

May 7 15:07 ( 44452 )
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